How Does Online Education Work?

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How do online classes work?

Moving from a traditional brick-and-mortar classroom to an online learning environment has a lot of benefits: flexibility, reduced cost, accessible faculty, and no set class times or locations. If you’ve never utilized this type of environment you may be wondering what to expect.

You may be surprised to find that there aren’t many differences between online classes and traditional classes. Of course the biggest difference is that you’re either attending class in-person at the time and location required, or you’re logging on at your leisure wherever you have access to the internet.

Keep reading to get an in-depth look at our online classes.

Dynamic Online Learning Environment

All of your course materials are housed on Canvas, a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides students with a one-stop-shop for instruction and communication. This easy-to-use system is mobile friendly so no matter where you are, you’re already on campus.

To access course materials, you simply log in to the CSU Global student portal. Our courses are asynchronous, with no set class times or locations. Within each 8-week course you’re required to submit discussion posts on Thursdays and other assignments are due by Sunday each week. Of course this can fluctuate based on each individual course.

Inside the materials section you’ll see all of your course information and modules for each course. Interactive lectures combine written materials, videos, and learning exercises to give you a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of a particular subject area.

Demonstrate the knowledge you’ve gained in your critical thinking assignments and mastery exercises that test your proficiency of the course material for that module.

Once you’ve successfully submitted your assignments and completed your mastery exercise test, move on to the next module until you’ve completed all modules for your course.

Depending on what course you’re taking, you may need to take a final course exam that tests your knowledge of all modules for that course.

The Fast Track to Degree Completion

Getting an online degree at CSU Global can happen faster than earning one at a traditional university because we offer every course every term with monthly starts. While many traditional universities are limited by classroom and faculty availability and class size, we never want to impede a student’s progress by making them wait a whole term just to take the course they need.

Our monthly starts allow students the opportunity to start courses when it’s most convenient for them. CSU Global’s 8-week courses on our trimester schedule also speed up the time it will take you to earn a degree.

Attentive Faculty and Engaging Peers

Canvas makes connecting, communicating, and sharing easy. All CSU Global faculty are available by phone, email, and webform during normal business hours. Similar to any other learning environment, they’re attentive and here to help you succeed in your coursework.

Prospective students often ask if online classes are harder than traditional classes. You can’t say one or the other, it just depends on your learning style and what works best with your preferences. If you’re a self-starter who enjoys learning at your own pace on your schedule, then online learning will be perfect for you.

Connect with students in your course on message boards or through personal email messages. You can also create a private group just for your classmates to share ideas and provide feedback on your assignments.

Student Success Resources

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